Dr Denisa Igoche

Dr Denisa Igoche is the co-founder of Ojuma Health. He currently works in United Kingdom as a General Practitioner

As an extended part of his National Health Service role, Dr Igoche has special interests in skin diseases as well as drug and alcohol misuse. He completed his Primary Medical and GP training in Poland, before relocating to the United Kingdom in 2007.

Born in Ijadoga Otukpa of Benue state in Nigeria, Dr Igoche attended Wesley Primary Ipole-Otukpa. He then went on to achieve GCE/GCSE certificates at Methodist High School Igumale.

Whilst his first employment was with the now defunct Lobi Bank in
Nigeria, he went on to achieve a scholarship to study Medicine at the Medical University of Gdańsk in Poland, graduating in 1993. He has since been a great advocate of Poland's top medical school and is passionate about helping those aspiring to a career in the medical profession to achieve their goals by following in his path.

"Both my parents were peasant farmers. Throughout their lives, both practised natural medicine as a means of helping to resolve common ailments.  Dad collected roots, which were ground to later be used as remedies for wound healing or for other illnesses. Mum collected herbs for all kinds of conditions.  She acted as the  only untrained midwife in the village. Often she would have to attend a patient further afield and would be away from us for over a day. This absence upset us greatly, but we respected her for helping others.

In those days, I never imagined that one day in the future, I would be helping others just like my parents did back home. Looking back, I feel that owe them a lot in helping create the ambition which led me to a career in modern day medicine.

Their selfless efforts also inspired me to set up a business to help enable others to take the same course to a brighter  future with a great career helping others."